Galio group - Progressive spaces for a better living

Progressive spaces for a better living

Meaningful plans call for similarly significant spaces to realize them. That is what we are in the business of — creating a purposeful canvas for all of your key life experiences, be it home or workplace related endeavors.

We create forward-looking spaces, designed to inspire, energize and support you.

Founded in 2006, we are a real estate development and management company that mainly operates in Central and Eastern Europe. Galio group comes under the umbrella of “Vilniaus prekyba” – the biggest retail trade group in the Baltics. For this reason, each project is embedded with a cast iron guarantee of stability and cutting edge innovation.

  • 17 years

    of market experience

  • 300 million

    euros of assets

  • 212 000 m2

    of implemented projects in Lithuania

Galio’s steady focus is within two core areas: creating life improving spaces and actively contributing to urban planning and sustainable development.

Our commitment of developing wellbeing enhancing environments has been recognized and granted the reputable Leesman+ certification — the very first one within the Baltics, due to a creation of an outstanding workplace experience.

Active contribution of creating people-first, harmonious city is supported by our proud membership and participation within the Lithuanian Green Building Council. All of our initiatives are aimed at creating value for the long-term—for our clients, neighbouring communities, business partners and citizens all together.

Galio's philosophy — 01/ 03

Create life improving spaces

When building new spaces, we always pose a question of what makes a house a home. Or an office – a collaborative work environment. Your productivity, creativity and wellbeing is the guiding star of each project. It is also the springboard from which technological, infrastructural and design solutions emerge.

Galio's philosophy — 02/ 03

Minimize our environmental impact

Building spaces where people prosper is what makes our work so gratifying. However, each new building takes a certain toll on the planet. We do our best to make it as little as possible and discover new ways of doing so. Sourcing materials and construction products from certified and responsible suppliers is one way to do it. Recycling and reusing 85% of our construction waste is another.

Galio's philosophy — 03/ 03

Serve local communities

In our opinion, context is just as important as content. That is why we thoroughly research and reflect on each site’s specifics, one project at a time. We recognize that each local community comes with its own needs, characteristics and complexities. Instead of brushing them aside, we acknowledge and build upon them to deliver real value to the communities involved.

Social impact

Our vision: a city, where comfortable commuting, active movement and the best quality of everyday life is accessible to each and every citizen. We believe that big things start with small actions. This is exactly why we invest in both – extensive conversion projects as well as small initiatives that enrich the quality of people’s everyday lives.

Laying new roads, renewing public recreation spaces and developing new bicycle and pedestrian paths are only several of the initiatives that we take upon us to contribute to the integral, people-friendly city creation. Whether it is a reconstruction of a basketball court flooring for the Children development center or a complex renovation of the street of Geležinis vilkas, rapidly cutting down the noise and pollution levels — each investition to the city’s infrastructure is our input to your wellbeing.

Galio Group team

Nerijus Maknevičius

General director of GALIO GROUP

Simonas Švėgžda

Head of Lease

Eglė Šimkienė

Residential Real Estate Sales Expert

Aurimas Martinkenas

Aurimas Martinkėnas

Real Estate Project Director

Kaspars Beitiņš

Project manager in Latvia

Mārtiņš Roštoks

Sales Project Manager in Latvia

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