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Progressive spaces for a better living

M.M.M. projects become Galio group. For those aiming to live and work better.

People-oriented spaces that ensure the best quality of your everyday life

With change comes opportunity. In this case—the opportunity to live and work better. Creating life improving spaces and delivering value for the long term is the way we get things done.

About Galio group
  • 3 countries

    Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine

  • 17 projects

    on the way

  • 2000

    apartments to take place in Vilnius

Places to call your new home

Choose a space as uplifting as your new life chapter. A place to clear your mind, to connect, to engage. A place not just to live, but to live well.


Feel-good office spaces

Pick a productivity-enhancing workplace that your employees truly deserve. Each office is developed with an outstanding people experience in mind. A sense of pride and community? Placed at the heart of each project.