Galio group - Galio Group builds “Decathlon” store in Klaipėda, continues construction of “STOCK-O” project

June 16 d. 2022 — For business

Galio Group builds “Decathlon” store in Klaipėda, continues construction of “STOCK-O” project

Galio Group, a real estate development company, finalised construction of “Decathlon” store in Klaipėda, and in the next six months will work on the first stage of construction operations of the stock-office commercial building complex “STOCK-O”.

At the end of last year, the French sports goods retail chain “Decathlon” signed with Galio Group the contract for construction of a store in Klaipėda, with investments in this project amounting to EUR 4 million, excl. VAT.

The store built at Baltijos pr. 26A has an area of about 2.8 thousand m² and energy efficiency class A+. It has a spacious parking lot and a basketball court open to all citizens.

“The store built in Klaipėda is one of the most exclusive in the “Decathlon” chain, where all stores are usually built according to a strict uniform standard. At the request of Klaipėda City Municipality, “Decathlon” made a rare exception – clinker brick inserts were used in the decoration of this building to harmoniously match the colour and aesthetics of Klaipėda city,” says Aurimas Martinkėnas, Director of Real Estate Projects at Galio Group.

“Decathlon” was constructed by the construction company Baltijos pašvaistė. The store will open in the middle of this month.

Next to the Decathlon store, Galio Group is developing another project – the so-called “stock-office” commercial building complex “STOCK-O”. This is a multifunctional commercial building complex that allows small and medium-sized enterprises to combine office space with storage, sales or production facilities.

“STOCK-O” complex will consist of over 30 property units combined in three A+ energy efficiency class commercial buildings. The total area of the “STOCK-O” complex is about 9,000 m².

“Multifunctional, one and two-storey commercial buildings of up to 375 m² – we call them business cottages – are a convenient solution for small businesses. Such premises can be used as an office and an e-shop dispensing point or a production room, as well as a warehouse and a showroom. This allows concentrating activities in one place, while having modern, cost-effective working spaces that are convenient for both employees and customers,” says A. Martinkėnas.

The first stage of “STOCK-O” is currently under construction and is being implemented by the company Baltijos pašvaistė – it is planned that 11 units of modern commercial premises will be built in autumn this year, with an area of 300–375 m²  each and a total area of almost 4,000 m². Galio Group will invest almost EUR 7 million in the first stage of the project.