Galio group - ‘iLunch’ restaurant chain picked two business centres being developed by M.M.M. projektai 

November 14 d. 2019 — For business

‘iLunch’ restaurant chain picked two business centres being developed by M.M.M. projektai 

Business centres being developed by M.M.M projektai – ‘WAVE’ in Savanorių Avenue and ‘Freedom 36’ in Laisvės Avenue – will host two new ‘iLunch’ dining restaurants in Vilnius. Rent agreements signed in these business centres earmark the start of rapid development of the chain of ‘iLunch’ restaurants – in the coming two years this chain envisages almost a double growth.

‘We have valuable experience in offering midday meals to office employees for whom the servicing speed is equally important as the quality of food. The demand for our services keeps growing and in order to satisfy it we are planning to grow rapidly in the next two years – the present restaurant chain managing 7 restaurants will grow twice’, – says Aurelijus Jasevičius, the Director of the Company Inovatyvūs restoranai which owns the ‘iLunch’ trade mark.

Almost 10.000 m2office building ‘WAVE’ being developed by the real estate development company M.M.M. projektai at the addressSavanorių Av. 5, Vilnius, will open in September of the next year and will host about 900 employees.

The B+ Class business centre ‘Freedom 36’ of the above-ground total area of 14 000 m2willbe constructed in Laisvės Av. 36, Vilnius. Its construction operations will start from the beginning of the next year and the opening is planned in the third quarter of 2021. These office buildings are developed in compliance with the international standard of sustainable buildings BREEAM.

The chain of ‘iLunch’ restaurants rents almost 300 m2premises in both business centres developed by M.M.M. projektai.

‘This is not the first time when we cooperate with ‘iLunch’ – this spring, the restaurant of this chain moved to the business park ‘S7’. We are glad that this partnership is continuing and that people who work in the developed offices will enjoy cosy dining space and decent quality food. In the new business centre ‘Freedom 36’, the construction operations of which will start in the near future, our special attention will be devoted to shares spaces and the dining restaurant ‘iLunch’ will contribute to this concept’, – says Aurimas Martinkėnas, the Commercial Projects Director of M.M.M. projektai.

The dining restaurant ‘iLunch’ is one of the first tenants of the business centre ‘Freedom 36’.M.M.M. projektai will invest more than EUR 30 million in its construction.

‘The quality and performance of the office buildings, their convenient location and premises flexibly adapted to the needs are the main reasons why we have chosen both new business centres developed by M.M.M projektai’, – notes A. Jasevičius.

M.M.M. projektai is a real estate development company active on the market for more than a decade.  The plans of M.M.M. projektai for several coming years include the development of about 1 000 flats and 50 000 m2 modern office premises in Vilnius.

‘iLunch’is a chainof dining restaurants operating on the market for three years. Now this chain operates 7 restaurants in Vilnius and franchises 3 restaurants in Moscow (Russia).