Galio group - reVINGIS (River space)

reVINGIS (River space)

  • Location

    Geležinio Vilko g. 2, Vilnius

  • Number of apartments


  • End of construction

    2024 Q1

Spaces for the city’s visionaries on the bank of the Neris

We are building the reVINGIS city right here, next to Vingis Park, where the Neris riverside is experiencing a rejuvenation, where people with a love for life come to recharge their internal batteries, where the treetops are bathed in the rays of the sun, where the city life never stops. This has been our dream for man a year, and today we are taking steady steps towards a vision of innovative spaces that has been designed by the city’s visionaries.

Take a fresh look at the city: the buildings, the capital city, the park, the nature, the entertainment, recreation and creative work — all that fits perfectly in reVINGIS.

The neighbourhood of Vingis Park

Vingis Park is a solid element of Vilnius’s identity, a place where you can generate ideas, go trekking, cycling, or rollerblading, and discover the breadth of this 162-hectare park. Continuously refurbished and carefully maintained, the 18th century historical Jesuit Vingis Forest Park shares a boundary with the project space and will be there for you 24/7.

  • Approx. 650 apartments

    A broad choice of layouts

  • The Neris

    Apartments with balconies, terraces, views of the Neris

  • Just 1 minute

    And you are in Vingis Park!

Living is good, when you have:

  • A city within the city

    Your office next to your home and fresh-air recreation, and can reach the nearby entertainment venues by car or by bike or on foot within minutes when you hear the city calling you.

  • A well-maintained riverside

    A refurbished Neris riverside is opening up to the city, complete with state-of-the-art walkways and bicycle tracks connecting the project’s buildings with Vingis Park, and recreational and positivity spaces where you can really feel the proximity of nature.

  • An inspiring environment

    Active pastime areas, secure courtyards, playgrounds for children of all ages are being installed. The project shares a boundary with Vingis Park, the largest park in Vilnius.

  • Top standards

    Building energy class A+, only high-quality and sustainable materials are used. Quality-of-life spaces are guaranteed.

  • Transportation taken care of

    An underground parking facility with electric vehicle charging stations, bicycle and scooter sheds, and storages are being installed. Vehicle sharing points nearby.

  • Convenient traffic

    The city has immediate plans to build an Užvingis Isle footbridge, which will connect Vingis Park with Lazdynai, and the overpass between Vingis Park and M. K. Čiurlionio street will make getting back home quicker and leaving for Kaunas, Minsk, Riga easier.

‘The bicycle has already been invented. It unclogs cities and minds.’

Start a new phase of life.

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