Galio group - “BREEAM New Construction Excellent” certificate to the fourth “S7” business centre

January 10 d. 2022 — For business

“BREEAM New Construction Excellent” certificate to the fourth “S7” business centre

The fourth business centre developed by Galio Group in the office complex “S7” has been awarded the international sustainable building certificate “BREEAM New Construction Excellent”, which means that the building is not only energy-efficient and environment-friendly, but also ensures a high level of comfort for people working there.

The assessment procedure for new buildings seeking BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification for sustainable buildings is divided into two parts. The first stage assesses the technical design of the building and the second stage, after construction is completed, involves an audit and final certification. “BREEAM New Construction Excellent” is one of the highest ratings on the BREEAM scale, and “S7” project was the first in Lithuania to receive it.

The fourth “S7” building, like the entire business block, has been designed from the very beginning with the comfort of the people working in the business centres in mind, taking into account their needs to the maximum extent possible, the movement between the floors of the building, and the ability to collaborate comfortably across all spaces of the building.

“This has been at the heart of the project from the very idea and drawing stage. Decisions were made by analysing and predicting the future behaviour of the people working in the building. Particular attention in this office building has been paid to acoustic comfort, the amount of natural light at workstations, the ventilation and humidification systems, the environmental friendliness of materials and the sustainability of surroundings. This BREEAM rating is the result of the joint work and professionalism of the entire team – the developer Galio Group, the authors and designers of the business park Archinova, Eventus Pro, Arrow Architects, Mitnija, the general construction contracting company that built the business park, and the sustainable development consultants and engineers Vesta Consulting. We have all been working as a team on this project from the very beginning,” says Aurimas Martinkėnas, Project Director of Galio Group.

The fourth business centre and two other office buildings of “S7” house the Danske Bank team, while one business centre houses the headquarters of Telia Lietuva.

The fourth building of the office complex “S7” was completed in January 2021 and is managed by the project developer Galio Group. The other three buildings of the business park were acquired by the Swedish investment company Eastnine in 2020 in a deal worth EUR 128 million, one of the largest in the Baltic real estate market.